Nanzoin Temple

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Nanzoin is the general head temple and the first amulet-issuing office of Sasaguri Shikoku Buddhist pilgrimate Route. It is belonging to the Shingon Sect of Mt. Koya.
Sasaguri Shikoku was established during the Tenpo era(1830-1844) of the Edo period. But, in 1866, Fukuoka prefectural office ordered them to break the sacred place under the influence of the anti-Buddhism policy. But local people had petitioned the Government for its continued existence for about 10 years. As a result, the Government permitted them to retain it on condition of moving Nanzoin here from Mt. Koyasan.
Hayashi Kakuun, the 21st chief priest, who came to Sasaguri when Nanzoin was moved, had been engaged in missionary work eagerly in various places of Kyushu. Thanks to such people's effort and passion, now Sasaguri Shikoku became one of the three major Shin-Shikoku sacred place. We welcome a large number of pilgrims a year and pray constantly for everybody.

The purport of building the reclining Buddha
We Nanzoin have sent medical supplies to the children of Myanmar and Nepal for many years. In 1988, the Buddhist congress of Myanmar presented us with sacred ashes of Gautama Buddha, Ananda and Maudgalyayana as a return for our presents. We believe that these presents are thanks to the eminent virtues of many people. Therefore, we planned out to build the statue to worship these sacred ashes. We wish this would be a reliable statue for everybody.

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A complete view of the reclining Buddha.
The most biggest bronze statue in the world.
Total length 41 meters
Height 11 meters
Weight about 300 tons

Reference source(text):brochure issued by Nanzoin.